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Wed 10 Apr 2019 in 51,9:
51.2285038, 9.8798686

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On the Hohe Meißner, west of Frankenhain




To do my fastest expedition ever!


As planned, this was going to be a fast one! I left home 11:05 and started to write this expedition report 11:40... Todays hash was only 5 kilometers away from my home, directly on a path on the Hohe Meißner (the highest mountain in this area, famous for being the home of Frau Holle), which was located only 200 meters from the only road there is up here. So, a lucky shot for me!

When I parked my car at the side of the road, I got a little shock, because it seemed that some woodworkers were cutting down trees with big machines, but as I started to walk along the path, they were some 100 meters away from the hash, so I could reach the hash unnoticed by them. I didn't even have to do a hashdance - I walked to this tree, the app said 'yeah', I took some proof and sat in my car 4 minutes later again. Such an easy one!

PS: Why not a bicycle-trip? Well, this were only less than 5 kilometers in distance, but with an elevation of almost 500 meters! That would've been something for the weekend, but I have to go to work in one hour, so I didn't want to exhaust myself...