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Tue 9 Apr 2019 in 51,8:
51.0754999, 8.6919677

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The hash lay at the side of the road from Somplar to Frankenberg.




Do the whole way by public transport, but I thought of some walking.


I left home at 7 o'clock and took the train at 8:02 to Olsberg. There I took the bus S50 to Hallenberg. From Hallenberg to Bromskirchen I walked along an old railway track. In Bromskirchen I noticed that the bus from Bromskirchen to Somplar serves Hallenberg first. In Somplar I had to change to another bus and this one drove along the street with the hash at the side. Whitout the Garmin I was not able to see, if I was near the hash or not. So I thought that I had been a little bit too ambitious for this hash and named it a loss.