2019-03-30 52 4

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Sat 30 Mar 2019 in 52,4:
52.1235753, 4.3084305

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Park Meijendel in The Hague.


FelixTheCat (talk)


Today's hash was in Meijendel, a large dune area on the northern end of The Hague. It was a beautiful spring day, so I got up early and rode my bike through Delft, Rijswijk, Voorburg and The Hague. Meijendel is a great place to walk or cycle, and I had been there many times before. I parked my bike at a bike stand and walked the last bit towards the hash. Unfortunately, there was a gate with a "no entry" sign about 180 metres from my target. Therefore, I got back on my bike and rode on, hoping to find a way to the other side that wasn't blocked. This didn't work, and it appeared the hash was really inside a no-go area. Still, I had a nice ride, and covered about 42 km in total.

This expedition turned out to be very similar to my trip to Katwijk about six months ago.



FelixTheCat (talk) earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (181m) reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2019-03-30.
2019-03-30 52 4 FelixTheCat 8.JPG