2019-03-24 44 -123

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2019-03-24 44 -123 Tree.jpg

Sun 24 Mar 2019 in 44,-123:
44.9538065, -123.0546367

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On a residential lot on Orchard Heights Road in West Salem.



I drove home from 2019-03-23 43 -120 and 2019-03-23 42 -120 via Redmond, where I went for a run in their smashing Dry Canyon Park, and then over the Cascades on Oregon Highway 20, and ended up in the West Salem neighborhood for the second time in eight days.

Last Saturday is the first time I remember ever passing through West Salem, on my way from Corvallis to the 2019-03-16 45 -122 Expedition. Since then, oddly, Mrs.5000 had a successful expedition there (2019-03-20 44 -123) on Wednesday. In short, West Salem is really a red-hot hub of the international geohashing scene, or at least that's what it feels like at our house.

Anyway, I parked at the local branch of a well-known coffeeshop chain, and spent a while there writing up and posting the previous three expeditions. That being done, I took my coffee and my GPS unit on a little quarter-mile walk up the hill to find the hashpoint. It was a lovely spring evening, and a great way to wrap up the road trip.