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Sat 16 Mar 2019 in 51,9:
51.3138814, 9.8637556

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On a meadow south-west of Wendershausen




Drive to Wendershausen and do a medium hike to the geohash...


After several weeks of bad luck - either bad locations or extremely bad weather or both - today's geohash seemed to be a gift for me, located only 6 kilometers from my home. Well, due to some recent storms in Germany, the road to Wendershausen was blocked (a lot of trees felt prey to the storm!), so with a 15 kilometer detour I arrived at Wendershausen and parked my car at the end of the village.

I am familiar to this area, did some hikes here in the past, so I knew the first few hundred meters were going to be pretty steep! But, going slow and easy - without any hurry at all, this wasn't a problem, and after some 25 minutes I got near the geohash. There was this geocache only 40 meters away from today's hash, which I visited somewhere in september 2015, so I was aiming for both a hash-collision as well as a déja-vù, but I forgot about one important aspect: the hash was on a private property, behind a barb-wired fence... Oh wtf! Only 30 meters left, but NO chance to get there...

Of course, I was a little bit disappointed, but on the other hand, it's part of the game... So I decided to do a nice walk through the surrounding forests and drove home afterwards. Another hash is planned tomorrow, let's see if I'm more succesful then...

PS: Since I didn't have any mobile-phone connection up here, I used my Garmin to navigate to the hash.