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Fri 15 Mar 2019 in Cambridge, UK:
52.2058521, 0.0059238

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On the grass verge on Main Street, Hardwick.



I had missed hash o'clock the previous afternoon, so it was lunchtime today before I checked where the day's hashpoint was. I was rather surprised to see it was in Hardwick village, very close to the prime meridian. Zooming in on the map revealed it was between some houses and the road. Ah well, it'll be in someone's garden, right?

Wrong! A street-view image showed that the houses here have very small gardens, and there are grassed communal areas between blocks of houses and the road. The point seemed to be very accessible! A little bit of further investigation showed that the neighbouring hashpoint was in a field just west of the village, and just off a footpath. What a lovely opportunity for two fairly easy hashpoints in one go!

I had a concert to play in that evening, so opted not to go for the canonical 4pm meetup time, but instead to just go straight away. It was tempting to cycle, but with plenty to do and a fierce wind blowing (owing to Storm Gareth) I took the lazy way out and drove. The traffic was moderate, and twenty minutes later I had parked in the residential side-road only metres from the cache. I took photos of the hashpoint from each direction, and then one on the point itself. Easy!

Now to get to the nearby 52,-0 hashpoint. Back in 2013 I drove between two hashpoints in 12 minutes 40 seconds, and in 2015 I walked from one hashpoint to another in 17 minutes. This would be an excellent time to try to beat both of those times. I started the stopwatch on my GPS while standing on the hashpoint, and then legged it. See 2019-03-15 52 -0 for the next part of the expedition report.

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