2019-03-10 45 -122

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Sun 10 Mar 2019 in 45,-122:
45.8411256, -122.5374030

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On NE 132nd Avenue, in rural Clark County.




I drove up to Lewisville Park, which was an well-maintained wooded multi-use area along an attractive stretch of the Lewisville River. From the southern end of the park, I ran along the river trail and then up toward the highway and on to the hashpoint. Now, a problem when you start running along a river is that it's generally uphill in every direction except one, and there was a lot of climbing to be done in the mile-and-change up to the hashpoint. But then, there I was, at the hashpoint. After the usual photo session, I continued the run west to 112th Avenue and then south, eventually calling it a day and walking after about six miles total. That's not a lot for me, but I'll blame the first day of daylight savings time.

Worth mentioning: it was a glorious day, the first real day of spring, and it was a great treat to be out in the woods and fields.