2019-02-24 45 -122

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Sun 24 Feb 2019 in 45,-122:
45.4454556, -122.5990509

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On the 10600 block of SE Linwood Avenue, very close to (but apparently not quite technically in) Milwaukie. Let's say "in Milwaukie" to keep things chill.




Fifteen days ago, there was an accessible hashpoint about three and a half miles SSE of my house, and although it was cold with some ice on the ground, I (heroically) ran there and back, which turned out to be 9.07 miles of winter jogging.

Today, there was an accessible hashpoint a little more than five miles SSE of my house. It was cold but dry. I put on my shoes and ran south and a little east, and eventually passed within a few feet of the Febuary 9th expedition... but this time, I kept going. Eventually, by virtue of continuing to run, I got to the present hashpoint, which was on a fairly unremarkable residential street.

After that, I continued to run, turning west and then north, but I started to get a little worried about my legs -- in between these two expeditions, I ran a 25K event, which is quite a stretch for me -- and then, fairly abruptly, I ran out of steam at 9.19 miles. Well, it happens. I walked for a bit to where I could catch the good old 75 Bus home. Then there were some chores, and finally a delicious, delicious nap.


(1) Technically, about four feet west of the hashpoint, where I could fuss with my phone and not worry about getting clipped by passing traffic.

(2) There really wasn't much to see.


A careful look at the Walk Geohash achievement reveals that you only have to walk "to" the hashpoint. You can get back home any old way you please. (Similarly, taking the bus home doesn't get you the Public Transport achievement.)

Michael5000 earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (45, -122) geohash on 2019-02-24 on foot, travelling a distance of 9.19 miles running, .8 walking.