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Sat 23 Feb 2019 in Dresden:
51.7759082, 13.9342759

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Today's location is at the edge of a forest near Mlode, north of Calau.

Country: Germany; state: Brandenburg (EU:DE:BB); district: Oberspreewald-Lausitz; municipality: Lübbenau/Spreewald

Weather: Sunny but cold



I was in Potsdam to buy a Flügelhorn, then I visited Sanssouci before starting back towards Dresden. After driving on the A10 Autobahn for a while, I didn't use the interchange to the A12 at Lübbenau as usual but instead took the exit after that, then the state road to Mlode, where I parked the car on the track leading towards the hashpoint and started walking. When I had walked just a few meters, I saw a wild boar step on the track about 100-150 meters in front of me and stop there. I didn't have my camera out yet, so I tried to do that slowly. By the time the camera was ready a few seconds later the boar had already resumed its way. I walked towards where it had been slowly and (rather) silently with my camera ready but I didn't see it again. Shortly after I reached an intersection where the way straight ahead was forbidden due to danger from an old mining site (I think sand mining) and I took the track to the left. Not much later another track branched off of that, becoming smaller over time until I reached the area near the hashpoint. On the northern side was a huge meadow and on the southern side a forest. The hashpoint was at the second line of trees and I found it easily some minutes before 4 pm.

After taking pictures I played a bit on my new Flügelhorn, letting the sound echo through nature and being happy about how it sounded better than my old one. Although with both the instrument and my lips just a few degrees above 0 °C the handling was not as good as with the room temperature at the instrument maker's place. Then I climbed on the raised stand that overlooked the meadow. In the distance I saw big birds that after intense zooming with my camera turned out to be cranes. Then I walked back to the car and continued my journey to Dresden.

Danatar earned the Musical achievement
by playing Flügelhorn on 2019-02-23.
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almost there  
the hashpoint  
coordinates reached at 4 pm, with music  
boar footprints  
meadow north of the spot  


will follow