2019-02-04 51 9

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Mon 4 Feb 2019 in 51,9:
51.3294197, 9.8400133

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On a field south of Witzenhausen.




Go to the hash after work.


After work I drove to Witzenhausen and parked my car some 2 kilometers before the city starts. Here is some industry and I knew this area from previous hikes. In fact, there's one of my own geocaches hidden in this area, which needed maintenance, so when I noticed that today's hash is quite near, I decided to combine both! To reach the hash, I had to walk a detour, over some fields and through a forest... After half an hour and some three kilometer I got near to the hash and visited another geocache called Meißnerblick, which was less than 100 meters from the hash, so the Hash Collision Achievement was accomplished again (after quite a long time!)...

To actually reach the hash, I needed to get onto a field and since temperatures had risen little above zero, I knew this one was going to be muddy. In the end, it wasn't that muddy as expected and after a little hash-dance I found the hash - still having the geocache in sight. To shorten my way back, I decided to continue my way along the side of the field and after a few hundred meters I reached another path, which led me back to my car again...