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Sat 2 Feb 2019 in 59,18:
59.4906352, 18.1003507

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In a forest north of Täby.


Fractal (talk)


It was a Saturday, so lots of time to go explore, and the hashpoint was in a forest north of Täby, so relatively reachable. I first took the pendeltåg (commuter train) to Upplands Väsby and had lunch at some local restaurant there. The plan was to then take a bus to Skogberga, some small settlement near the hashpoint. Unfortunately I, hmm, fell asleep on the bus, so I went all the way to the last stop, where I had to retake the same bus in the other direction…

I arrived at Skogberga without further issues and started walking towards the forest. Most of the way was along a large field which was being used for cross-country skiing due to the snow. The forest was very beautiful, I first followed some ski tracks which were easy to walk on, but then at some point I was forced to actually go off-track to reach the hashpoint where the snow was almost knee-deep. I did finally reach it and even made a snowman there \o/. The sun started setting shortly after, so I went back home a different way that I arrived, I took the bus only to Täby and then took the Roslagsbanan (commuter tramway) from there.

Also, this was my second expedition in a row, so I guess I got some kind of achievement there.