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Fri 1 Feb 2019 in 59,18:
59.5037097, 18.1766929

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Near a construction site near Vallentuna.


Fractal (talk)


Looks doable, there is a bus stop quite close. I might try to go (in the morning).


I left home at about 9am. It seemed relatively easy to reach the hashpoint as it is near a bus stop. The only big thing next to the hashpoint was some kind of driving school in the middle of nowhere.

I reached the bus stop easily and started walking towards the hashpoint. I actually had to go very close to this driving school and cross some gate, so I was a bit worried that someone might see me and ask me what I’m doing here, but no one seems to have noticed me. The hashpoint was further away, near some kind of construction site with a bunch of purple containers. There was some snow on the ground, but luckily I could walk on some vehicle tracks so that I wouldn’t sink too much in the snow. It’s good that the hashpoint wasn’t 10 meters further as the snow and the terrain would have made it much more difficult to reach.

I went back the same way as I had arrived, and I watched for a little bit the cars in the driving school. It’s actually called a "traffic safety center" (no idea what that means), and all cars are identical, so it was funny to see, they all looked like clones. On the way back I took a picture of the big road and then I realized that my bus was coming. I needed to get to the bus stop that one sees in the picture on the left, but I didn’t run fast enough and the bus driver didn’t see me so the bus didn’t stop and I had to wait 15 minutes for the next one.