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Thu 31 Jan 2019 in 51,9:
51.2215465, 9.8115061

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On a field between Laudenbach and Velmeden.




Go to the hash on my way to work.


Today I left home a little bit earlier to do a stop and short hike in Laudenbach. I always drive through this village on my way to work, so the area was familiar to me. A parked my car at a field way and walked some 800 meters to the hash, which was located on a field, covered in virgin snow - who else is going to walk here? The weather was quite sunny and the gps-signal was very accurate, so I needed less than one minute to get an accuracy of 2 meters.

After taking some pictures I walked the way back to my car and returned in less than half an hour...

P.S.: In respect to those hashers out there in North-America, currently dealing with temperatures around -40 degrees Celcius, I will not even consider to claim this one to be a 'frozen geohash' with only some -2 degrees below zero! All the best to fellow hashers over there!!!