2019-01-27 51 9

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Sun 27 Jan 2019 in 51,9:
51.6217799, 9.9507160

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In a forest south of Nörten-Hardenberg.




To do some walking near Nörten-Hardenberg and also catch the hash...


After a couple of frozen days, the temperatures were above zero again and even if there was a lot of snow during night, it all disappeared today, with some 7 degrees. So, with a little bit of rain, I drove to Nörten-Hardenberg to do a medium hike of 8 kilometers through the forest, along the Bielstein-Road, a nice road through an even nicer forest. Right at the beginning, only 100 meters from the parking lot, there was today's hash, so I started my journey with this one and managed to locate the hash within a few minutes. It was only 15 meters off the main path, and I managed to get an accuracy of less than one meter on this one, a tree stump...

Nothing more to say about this hash - I did a nice walk after visiting the hash and got back home 16:00 pm.