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Sun 13 Jan 2019 in 59,17:
59.3357663, 17.7325885

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In a field on an island west of Stockholm.


Fractal (talk)


Im planning to get there in the morning.


I left from my house at about 9am. It was quite sunny, despite the weather forecast telling me that it shouldn’t be, but somewhat cold though. But I did buy warm socks the day before and I had some kind on ski pants on me, so it was good. I first took a bus, then two subways, then another bus to get as close as possible to the hashpoint. After that I followed the main road on foot for about half an hour, until I reached the frozen field in which the hashpoint was located, and reaching the hashpoint wasn’t difficult.

To go back to the bus stop I decided to take a different road because the main road was not really pedestrian-friendly, so I went through the village of Skå. It was very nice and quiet, Skå is a small rural village with only a school, a church, and a few houses, and the only commercial activity in Skå seems to be an "animal massage" place (presumably for horses, given the smell).

As the hashpoint itself wasn’t in an especially interesting location, I decided to combine this expedition with some more walking. After researching online I decided to walk all around the island of Kärsön, on the way back to Stockholm. It’s an island consisting mainly of a big forest surrounded by a lake and seemed to be a popular walk. And it was indeed very nice and quite a few other people decided to do this walk as well.