2019-01-10 51 9

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Thu 10 Jan 2019 in 51,9:
51.1871731, 9.5969879

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In a forest south east of Eiterhagen.




If it isn't snowing too much, Digiphono will drive to Eiterhagen after work, to arrive there at around 2:30 pm.


Since it didn't snow today and all the roads were free, I decided to drive to this hash right after work. After a 25 minute drive, I arrived in Eiterhagen 2:20 pm and parked my car at the end of a street, leading directly into the forest. The way to the hash was only 800 meters, pretty steep at the beginning, but this was ok. There was some snow from yesterday and temperatures were little below zero, which would've honoured me the frozen achievement I guess, but the thermometer in my car said it were exactly 0 degrees, so I don't have any proof and have to wait a little bit longer for the frozen achievement hehe...

I took some pics on the hash location, enjoyed the view on Eiterhagen from there and then walked back to my car and searched and found one geocache only 50 meters away. After half an hour I was finished and drove back home again...