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Wed 9 Jan 2019 in 59,17:
59.2827813, 17.6968347

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Between a small forest and a sort of lake, about an hour or two west of Stockholm by public transportation.


Fractal (talk)


I'm planning to get there in the morning, taking the bus 312 at 8:45 at Brommaplan.


Everything went as planned. I leaved from my home at about 7:45 and took one bus, two subways, and then one more bus. From there I only had 20 minutes more on foot to reach the hashpoint, most of it on roads and tracks, and then a few minutes in the forest. It was a nice day, lightly snowing but not really cold. When arriving towards the end of the road, I saw some sort of gate blocking the way, with fences on both sides, so I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go through, but it turned out that the gate was designed to allow pedestrians to go through, while making it impossible for cars or bikes or horses.

The location of the hashpoint itself was very beautiful. It was at the entrance of a mostly frozen lake, with a small boat waiting for the spring. It was extremely quiet and I stayed there for a few minutes to enjoy the silence. I couldn’t stay too much though as there was only one bus per hour back to Stockholm and I didn’t want to miss it.