2019-01-05 51 9

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Sat 5 Jan 2019 in 51,9:
51.1880157, 9.7033157

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In a forest south from Hessisch Lichtenau.




Digiphono wants to get there by car and do a little hike to arrive at the hash between 10:30 and 11:00 am.


The entire night was pretty restless, because I woke up several times due to the storm and heavy rain outside - oh man, not the best weather to get up early and go hashing! But, when I woke up, it had turned a little better, so I decided to drive to Hessisch Lichtenau and walk some 300 meters on a path to reach the hash - easy as that!

But, after I parked my car, I noticed that one cannot always trust Google Maps or even Open Street Map - because: where's the path? OK, last year's heavy storms also left their mark on the forests in this area, but why didn't I recognize a path AT ALL??? A little bit confused I just started to walk into the direction where the hash should be, and after maybe 50 meters I finally found an older trail - which in fact turned out to be the one that's on the maps, but I had expected it to be way better!

Anyway, after only five minutes I reached an open spot in the forest and the last 75 meters were easy to go. As I almost stumbled over a cadaver, I had a look at the app, and I was only 15 meters away from the hash. It was no problem to get the hash as accurate as less than 2 meters. I took the obligatory pics and walked back to my car again... That was enough rain and storm for today, but after exactly one month without any succesful expeditions, I drove back home satisfied!