2018-12-31 52 9

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Mon 31 Dec 2018 in Hannover:
52.9654271, 9.5944640

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This Geohash is located in a forest near Visselhövede.



I took the train in the morning to Visselhövede via Soltau. The walk to the Geohash was nice, after leaving town I first walked through a forest, where I crossed the river Lehrde, which here is only slightly more than a trickle, since the spring is close. The forest is divided by a field, and after crossing it the coordinates were close.

According to the map, I'd have to go ~100m through the forest without a path, but luckily there was an unmarked path which brought me ~20m close to the coordinates. I'd add it to OSM, but it's invisible on satellite images. The Geohash was not particularily hard to reach.

After recording proof, I went back to Visselhövede, and afterwards took the train back to Hannover via Achim.



Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2018-12-31.
2018-12-31 52 09 06 Geohash.jpg
Fippe earned the Regional geohashing achievement
by reaching a hash point in all 2 graticules belonging to the Rotenburg (Wümme) district.
Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme).png