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Sun 30 Dec 2018 in Canterbury:
51.9933206, 1.3097163

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A road junction in Trimley St Martin, Suffolk, UK.


Divert via this point on my way home from Mike and Jane's. Sadly the Christmas feasting has come to an end.



This was easy enough. The weather was clear, dry and mild and the roads were busy but flowing well. The diversion via the hashpoint added about 30 miles or half an hour. I paused briefly in the residential street in Trimley St. Martin and was able to zero the distance without leaving my vehicle. We need a super-lazy achievement for drive-in hashpoints. I did step out briefly to get an evidence photo.



Expeditions and Plans

Hobart, Australia Felix Dance Right on the footpath on a suburban street in Kingston, Hobart.
Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher On the sidewalk of Read Road in East Pembroke
Montpellier, France martine, Fractal, anna, jacques In a forest close to the road going north to Nant.
Pforzheim, Germany Kellerkind, his dad Close to Daxlanden.
Canterbury, United Kingdom Sourcerer A road junction in Trimley St Martin, Suffolk, UK.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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