2018-12-26 49 10

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Wed 26 Dec 2018 in Bamberg:
49.7992945, 10.0032242

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Today's location is at the western wall of the Würzburg prison (Justizvollzugsanstalt (JVA), "justice enforcement institution"), just a bit outside.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Würzburg city district

Weather: clouded, around 0°C



The hashpoint is in that tiny area of Würzburg city district that is in the 49 10 graticule and which has eluded me for 10 years. With 1.54 km2 = 0.02 % of the graticule area, a hashpoint falls there every 15 years on average. Now that I've been living in Dresden for a few years I didn't expect to ever reach a spot there. Imagine my surprise when that rare chance occurred exactly on the day I have to drive from my parents' place (49 8) where I was for Christmas back to Dresden!

To visit the spot, I'll take the route via Würzburg instead of via Gießen and Erfurt, it's only 10 minutes longer so not even a detour. My plan is to park the car near the prison and then take a walk on the grass stip along the wall for a few seconds to reach the spot. I hope there are no signs forbidding walking on the grass strip and that the guards don't get suspicious when I get near the wall. The guard towers are placed so that the guards can see the spot. I will probably not take pictures directly at the spot as that would be very suspicious to them. If they do, I guess I'll get the Police Geohash achievement and I'll try to recruit them to geohashing.


I started at my parents' place at quarter to 2 but then I was stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour. I reached the prison shortly after 4 p.m. There were signs about firearm usage around the southern part of the compound but not near the wall at the hashpoint. I parked the car near the prison entrance, then walked along the sidewalk that went along the wall. I couldn't see any people in the guard tower from my position, they probably watch out towards the other (inner) side. When I was near the hashpoint, I walked onto the grass strip and to the wall. At the spot I took a screenshot of the Geohashdroid app and instantly turned around and went back to the street. There was no reaction at all to my presence. The other pictures (hashpoint area, selfie) I took while already away from the spot, then I sent the screenshot via Geohashdroid:

Too late I noticed that the screenshot was taken almost 5 meters from the spot, in retrospect I should have waited a few seconds more for a better documentation. Then I continued my journey. I used the route via the A3 Autobahn (direction Nuremberg) and at Pommersfelden exit I took the federal road towards Bamberg. I had planned to visit the 49 11 hashpoint as well, as it was very near to that route at Hirschaid, but by the time I reached the Hirschaid exit it was already dark and it had started to rain, so I continued on the federal road until I reached the Autobahn. I was in Dresden shortly after 8 p.m.