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Tue 25 Dec 2018 in Birmingham:
52.8434972, -1.9963788

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The cemetary of St John the Baptist Church, Stowe-By-Chartley, Staffordshire, UK.


Go early to dodge the Christmas Day traffic. Visit the graveyard. Return to Mike and Jane's house, open the presents and spend the rest of the day eating and drinking!



It was a cold foggy dark morning with drizzle. This was classic English winter weather where the moisture in the air strips heat from the body. The short drive to the village was uneventful. Everyone else was at home keeping warm and dry and opening presents. At the church, the hashpoint was beside a gravestone. The dawn light was sufficient to read Mary and In Loving Memory. The rest of the message was covered in moss.

Christmas back at my friends was a success. I'll be going home with more beer than I brought but less chocolate and fewer toys. A good trade-off! Now for a day of food and booze.

Happy Christmas to all.



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