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Tue 25 Dec 2018 in 50,10:
50.8434972, 10.9963788

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On a field near Dornheim (Ilmkreis), Thuringia, Germany.



Reinhard and his family were spending the christmas holidays at the (grand)parents in Erfurt and the Thuringian forest. While Manu planned to have the goose for lunch on 25th, Reinhard hates poultry and preferred to start cycling before lunch in Erfurt and arrive after lunch at his parents-in-law. The day's geohash needed just a small detour from the shortest route, so the (frozen bicycle) christmas geohash was a done deal.


Strava activity


Coordinates reached.  
At the hashpoint.  
Always the same.  
Hash view towards Wachsenburg.  
Christmas meal.  
Norwegian ski cyclist in Oberhof.  
Highest road of Thuringia.