2018-12-05 51 9

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Wed 5 Dec 2018 in 51,9:
51.4300782, 9.9340071

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On the Einzelberg near Groß Schneen




Drive to Groß Schneen and catch the hash ;-)


I left home 10:45 am and drove some 25 kilometers to arrive in Groß Schneen around 11:10 am, where I parked my car. From there, I walked only 1 km onto the Einzelberg (which translates with 'lone mountain'), which isn't really a mountain, but more a hill, but still a remarkable one, since it can been seen from many sides and really looks like a small, lone mountain... Anyway, nothing spectacular - on top, there is a nice little park, with many trails, banks, a mountain hut and a memorial stone. The view from above over the village of Groß Schneen was also nice.

Without any problems I could locate the hash within a few minutes, took some pictures and tried to find a geocache, which should've been hidden only 30 meters away from the hash (I was hoping for another hash collision achievement), but after 15 minutes of searching I called it quits, because time was running out, and I had to get back home and to work afterwards... Don't know, why I didn't find it, somewhat disappointing, but luckily I caught todays hash - good enough for me!