2018-12-04 51 9

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Tue 4 Dec 2018 in 51,9:
51.2642505, 9.8067960

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In a forest near Großalmerode




I want to drive there before I go to work and do a hike to the hash and then continue my way to work.


As planned, I left home earlier and arrived at a parking lot near Großalmerode around noon. Since I knew this area, I had planned one hour for the hike, knowing that it's going higher and higher on my way to the hash. So, I needed some 20 minutes for the 2 km to get near the hash. Now it were only another 65 meters off the main path and I started to do the hashdance... I was a little bit disorientated in this forest which was filled with zillions of smaller birch trees, but I managed to get to the hash location on another 'path', once made by wood harvesters whilst cutting wood here. Still this took me almost 15 minutes!

After taking the usual evidence I carefully got back out of the area and walked back the same way down to my car, where I arrived on schedule to get to work in time! I'm really enjoying the little thrill and walk through the woods, before going to work - it clears the mind and gives some sort of extra energy to manage that day ;-)