2018-12-02 51 9

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Sun 2 Dec 2018 in 51,9:
51.5356460, 9.4995896

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Between a field way and the Holzape brook near Beberbeck.





Digiphono wants to be there at 11 a.m., GeorgDerReisende too. There is a forth on the shortest way, look at the end of 2015-06-21 51 9. - Georg, it's Digiphono, with an O at the end hehe... Thanks for mentioning the ford - I will come from the south then, to avoid soaking wet shoes, coz I am planning a bike-tour after the hash! See you tomorrow ;-)

I cancel this trip now. There is a heavy rain cloud approaching, about some days thick. This is nothing for me at the moment. --GeorgDerReisende (talk) 06:25, 2 December 2018 (UTC)

GeorgDerReisende I20181202 0400.jpg


When I woke up this morning 8 am, I already knew, this was going to become a wet one! It was raining without and, so I listened to the weather forecast on the radio: after noon, it would become better and drier, so I hoped for that and left home 9 am (without reading GeorgDerReisende's message, that he cancelled his trip). I had to drive some 65 kilometers and all the way it was raining...

I did two stops to find some geohashes and became pretty wet after being out of the car for only ten minutes maybe. So I dediced to continue my way to do the hash first, and do the rest of the caches after that. When I studied the map yesterday evening, I planned to drive to Beberbeck, where a field road was leading almost directly to the hash. Maybe some 500 meters to walk, and I would reach the hash - so were my plans, because Georg had warned my about a ford that I had to cross, if coming from the other direction...

When I entered Beberbeck, I noticed that this wasn't a village, but a huge old state farm, with many signs saying "no tresspassing"! The road I planned (the blue one on the map) was closed with a barrier. Hm... What do I do? I turned around, and parked my car a little off of the buildings and started to walk. Reaching the farm by feet, the 'blue road' seemed unaccesible, so I decided to walk the alternative route, knowing that the ford would be on my way. After passing some 'dead-end-signs', I knew, the ford will become my problem...

Well, crossing the ford was indeed impossible, so I searched along the brook, for a possible opportunity to cross it. At some point, the brook was only one meter in width, so I could take a step on some stones and managed to cross the Holzape (the name of the small stream). In the meanwhile, the rain got heavier and soon I was soaking wet - my shoes and socks were pretty swampy already, but I continued the last 800 meters and reached the hash at 11:15 am. There was no GeorgDerReisende there, so I made some pictures for proof - the hash was near a deerstand, behind a sign saying 'wildlife reserve'...

On my way back I took a better option across the brook, which I already noticed before, and walked some hundred meters over a field and finally got back on the main road to the farm again. I also came across an abandoned house and took some pics... Back at the farm, I entered the private property carefully, and I found the 'blue' road - leading between two houses, but accessible for pedestrians - so I had been able to walk the originally planned road, instead of a 5,5 km hike hehe... This didn't bother me though, the little adventure was great enough, and I didn't regret going there today.




Digiphono earned the Drowned Rat Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (51, 9) geohash on 2018-12-02 despite being thoroughly wet from walking in pouring rain.
2018-12-02 51 9 009.jpg