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Sun 25 Nov 2018 in 51,9:
51.0774251, 9.9502000

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On a field way north of Sontra.






To travel by train to Sontra and walking. Will arrive there around 1 pm.


I will drive there by car and catch up with Georg at around 1 pm as well.



I left Kassel in the morning and with a tram and two trains I arrived at Sontra. I walked to the hash and found it at the side of the field and forest way in the valley. I made the usual photos and waited for Digiphono. He arrived at 12:45. He made his own proof. We talked for some minutes, then we left for our seperate business. I found a forest way and tagged it for OSM. Later I found a shelter and an interesting looking rock by the way. I made a walk around Sontra.


As planned, I drove to Sontra and was near the hash somewhat early, so I decided to go for a geocache first. After finding it, I walked the way up to the hash, still being too early, but as I got nearer, I noticed that GeorgDerReisende was already there, waiting for me patiently (thanks for the wait and the meet up!)... We talked a little about our unsuccesful month of november, and I did the hashdance to get as accurate as possible, being observed and photographed by Georg hehe - cannot wait to see your pics *hehe* [Hope we still have a chance to be the most succesful graticule in november!]

After I got the hash within some 2.5 meters, we went separate ways to do some hiking through the great forest surrounding us. I wanted to visit some more geocaches and did a medium hike of 5 km to find some. I discovered some nice places in this forest. Then I got back to my car and drove home satisfied...






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