2018-11-22 51 9

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Thu 22 Nov 2018 in 51,9:
51.2106917, 9.6981797

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In a ditch east of Fürstenhagen






I will drive there, before I go to work, do a little walk to the hash and then continue my way to work.


I will take the tram to Fürstenhagen, walk to the hash, and afterhash looking around at the place.



November seems to turn out as a rather unlucky month for me... Checking the hash-locations on a daily base, I got disappointed again and again, doing just ONE hash in the last FIVE weeks! All locations have been either way too far from my home or simply unreachable! But yesterday I found this one - Oh wow, that's on my way to work! - and I knew that area from my visit to the Lenoir Mausoleum last year. So, I left home 12:30 pm and arrived in Fürstenhagen around 1 pm. After only a little walk of a few hundred meters I was able to locate the hash in a ditch, a few meters beside the path I was walking along...

I got into the ditch, did some hashdancing and reached the coordinates pretty soon. After taking some pics I checked for the temperature: one degree above zero, so no frozen geohash achievement for this one, but that'll come soon for sure!

Afterwards I took some pics of the abandoned orphanage, build only some good hundred years ago, such a beautiful building standing there unused, it's a shame... For german readers, here's some info about those buildings


The November was not goog to me for geohashing. This looked like an easy one, so I wanted to give it a try. Havn't heard from digiphone for days, I forgot to announce my journey.

The tram arrived at Fürstenhagen five minutes too late. I walked the first meters and found me at the place, where the expedition of 2015-04-01 51 9 ended and there was a direct track to the hash. I walked there. I found me on a dam with steep slopes and the hash looked like to be in a swamp. Bad. I remembered to similar situations like this and did a dance like throwing the gps into the hash's direction. And for a moment I got a four. Done. And I took the usual photos.

Then I walked to the mausoleum of the Lenoir brothers. It can be seen from the national road and is such a place you always see but never go to. Today I was near and I had the time and possibiliy. I walked to that place and around. And standing in front of the mausoleum and looking out of it, across the lake and to the national road, I remembered a sentence of a Swedish hitchhiker: „If I die, bury me at the E3.“ The E3 was one of the two long distance roads in Sweden. Now, the brothers Lenoir are buried at the B7. Which is a long distance road in Germany.

Afterwards I made a walk around Fürstenhagen.





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