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Thu 1 Nov 2018 in 47,10:
47.9068127, 10.8537712

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The geohash is on a field near Denklingen.

Who Went[edit]

The Expedition[edit]

Long time, no geohash. But in preparation of another (hopefully) successful birthday geohash, I wanted to go to one. And this was a good decision.

In Bavaria, we have a holiday today. So let's do it. I had to remember what to take with me when I go and forget the following (in this order): a camera, something to eat and drink for a picnic. Fortunately, a mobile phone has at least one camera included.

As I had to go to a petrol station anyway for a refill, I went by car. Several people used the holiday and the nice weather, and went on a trip of their own. It took me about an hour to get to Denklingen. Before my start, I looked on a map and figured there was a parking lot next to the football stadium of VfL Denklingen (German only). I passed it and walk on a farm track while passing cows. They seemed curious, but I was not interesting enough to keep them long from eating grass.

From the parking lot, it was about 800m ab the bird flies and with walking it was not much more, the farm track were more or less straight.

With 50m to go, I passed another cow paddock, and with 20m to go it was evident, that the geohash was on it. The question now was, how close could I get without entering the paddock. I wasn't very afraid of a possible farmer, but more afraid of the cows.

It was close in the end, but I came below the 10m limit. And the measure was taken on a pole of the fence, so technically outside the paddock; no private property infringement.

Thereafter, I walked back to the car and made my tour back home.



TheOneRing earned the Land geohash achievement
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