2018-10-27 46 -118

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Sat 27 Oct 2018 in 46,-118:
46.8746330, -118.5543579

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On the shoulder of Washington Highway 21, in the middle of nowhere.



The 5000s will be travelling southwest on US 385 in the afternoon, and will take the short detour to admire and photograph the spot.


The shoulder wasn't nearly as wide in real life as it looked in the imagery, so it was a nervous walk of a couple hundred meters from a wide spot where we were able to park the car. We both felt like we heard cars coming while we walked, crunch crunch crunch, through the gravel, but as soon as we stopped the big silence of the wheatlands made itself powerfully felt. Once or twice, a car or truck actually did go by.

We took our pictures, returned to the car, and continued along our way.



It was the first successful expedition in the Walla Walla graticule in five years, five months, and ten days!