2018-09-29 42 -79

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Sat 29 Sep 2018 in 42,-79:
42.3480923, -79.1368485

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On the edge of a field on Dybkas Rd



With not much planned for this weekend, I saw this was a sure shot that wasn't too far away, but I didn't want to drive an hour just to stop on the side of a road for 2 minutes. Checking out google maps, I saw there was a State Forest that was about 10 minutes from the hash and thought that would be a good new place to explore and hike around with the dogs.

On Friday, my sister called asking if I wanted to join her for dinner with my grandmother on Saturday and I figured I could still make this an Official Saturday Meetup. I would just have to be careful of the time. My plan was to leave around 13:00 and hike for 2 hours and have enough time to get to the hash around 16:00.

As always, I was running a bit late and ended up leaving at 13:25 getting there a bit after 14:00. This gave me about 40 minutes to hike out so I could get back to the car by 15:50. It was a pleasant but cool hike but the terrain was mostly flat. Apparently, I like a bit of steepness to my hikes because I was kind of 'Meh' about it afterwords. Anyway, with the dogs a bit tired, we drove off for the hash and I found the hash-road without any difficulty. We turned around and parked by the hash and while I didn't have a great reading in the car, we definitely passed within the Circle-of-Uncertainty. Because the Hash was on the side of the road and the field next to it was posted, I left the dogs in the car while I did the GPS dance to get a zeroed in reading.

With another Official Saturday Meetup in the books, we headed home to meet up for dinner by my house in Hamburg.



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