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Mon 17 Sep 2018 in -37,144:
-37.8667616, 144.7154294

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In a park in Hoppers Crossing



Still smarting from my failure on Friday, this geohash presented the opportunity to get my game back with a success - right in the middle of a public park just off the Federation bike trail.

After faffing about at home I saw a train on my app departing shortly for Hoppers Crossing so I left to take it.

But when the train reached the next station, I realised I'd misread my public transport app and I'd have to change trains here - and it was a long wait for my connection.

I tried to see if my dad was interested in a ride from here, since he'd said he was at a loose end. So, inspired by my own idea, I decided to ride the rest of the way myself anyway.

Stopping only to buy brewing supplies in Yarraville, and tasting some of their delicious beer, I hurtled along the trucky Francis Street and onto the Federation Bike Trail, which tours the outer western industrial suburbs.

Along the way I encountered an algal swamp, and a guy trying to pump it up, but it shallow enough to ride through.

Later I came across some road construction work that I'd been responsible for bidding on with a construction company I'd worked with last year, which was interesting to see.

Finally, after passing under a century-old, brick aqueduct I arrived at the hash-park - a windy, open grassland with a playground and a small stand of trees (where the hash was). I took photos and bolted.

On the way home, I headed north for the inter-city V-Line train service, which took me back to Footscray Station, from whence I rode home.


Here is the route of my cycling trip.