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Sat 15 Sep 2018 in Dresden:
51.7479165, 13.8858563

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Today's location is near (many) wind turbines in the forest near Calau.

Country: Germany; state: Brandenburg (EU:DE:BB); district: Oberspreewald-Lausitz; municipality: Calau

Weather: sunny



I was on my way to Berlin for an orchestra rehearsal when this hashpoint fell near the Autobahn. After leaving the A13 Autobahn Bronkow exit I drove to Calau and from there into the forest. I parked the car at a small intersection and started walking the last 1.5 km. After passing the second wind turbine and nearing the third, the hashpoint lay to my left, so I entered between the conifer trees. There was very few underbrush so it was easy to reach the hashpoint. After taking pictures, I went back to the car and took the side track towards the next Autobahn exit in the direction of Berlin. I arrived a bit late because I had to take multiple construction-related detours inside Berlin.

not far now, I'm already at the wind turbines  
almost there  
coordinates reached!  
the hashpoint  
wind turbines seen from the autobahn (next day)  


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