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Globalhash on Thu 30 Aug 2018:
For the correct location, see  google osm crox


This global hashpoint is in Sandersville Georgia 10 miles east of Macon Georgia in the Evans Georgia Graticule(33, -82)



This Global hash brought to you by my own Notify program | Notify I got the email yesterday and I usually look first at how far the days Geohash spot is. I noticed that I had one geohash listed. I usually get the Atlanta graticule and then the link to the Global hash no matter where it is in the world. This seemed Odd because I looked at it and it said 88 miles(~140Km) away which wasn't possible for the Atlanta Graticlue.

I then noticed that it was the Global Hash....!!!! A Global Hash 88 miles from me. That is only twice the distance that I used to drive to work every day. Great! Where is it and is it reachable?? It appears to be down logging trails near a river. Great put in for a day off of work and lets go.

I started out posting notifications to the Geohash IRC channel if anyone knew of anyone else that was local that wanted to go. That turned out to be a bust, to I started clicking around other graticules near Atlanta on the Peeron map. I emailed a few people and got a few responses back saying Sorry, can't go.

I usually start planning out the trip of when best to leave to avoid traffic in major cities that I would have to travel through, can I get a decent car rental in time, where to stop to get gas, where to stop for meals, and how to plan it to return the rental car before 6pm so as not to be charged for an additional day. I did none of that this time. 88 mile is two hours away. I would leave sometime after morning rush hour was over and be home before afternoon rush hour started. Piece of CAKE!

I even waited this morning for the days local Geohash spot to be released to see if I could also grab the Evans Georgia geohash spot. It was not that close and it was going the wrong direction also, so I decided to pass on it. If Evans Georgia graticule was virgin, I would have taken it though.

Things couldn't have gone any better. I didn't plan on brining any music either as I was able to listen to Local Atlanta Radio all the way there except for the last 10 to 15 miles of the trip there. I would loose Local Atlanta radio once I was getting close going up and down the hills, but would get it back at the top of the next hill. It all faded out about 10 miles away. That was okay because I was concentrating on looking for this one logging road that I was assuming was not going to be marked.

And marked it wasn't either. It was just an overgrown open space in the woods. It also looked like nobody had driven down it in a few years as there were three foot(1 meter) high trees growing in the middle of this logging road. My truck just plowed them down. I did come to a stop in the truck because of the road becoming sandy and I didn't want to get the truck stuck. If my truck was 4 wheel drive I would have gone farther. I got out and was 0.45 of a mile away from the Global Hash spot.

I walked the rest of the way to the hash and it turned out that if I would have driven it I could have driven to within 10 feet of the Global hash, within the 10 meter requirement and wouldn't have had to get out of the truck at all. A drive up global hash.

I walked into the thicker woods to do the GPS dance and came within 2.42 feet of the exact spot. Success!! My 5TH GLOBAL HASH!

I stood there thinking that there probably isn't another soul within 5 miles of me, because once I turned off the main road in the little town I passed through, I didn't see another car on the road all the way to the hash spot. I did pass by other houses and a church or two but it was eerie that there was nobody. I had never been this far out from nowhere before, especially in my home state of Georgia. I now know what nowhere looks like.

I did a slight happy dance and walked back to my truck. I carefully turned around on the narrow logging road as not to get stuck and made my way back to good Ole Atlanta and home. The drive was a little less than 2 hours. Can I please have another?

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