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Tue 24 Jul 2018 in 50,11:
50.9598749, 11.7143787

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On a field near Graitschen bei Bürgel, Thuringia, Germany.



Being just 10 km from home, this one had to be visited. When I looked up the coordinates for the following day, I saw the perfect chance for combining those two, visiting one before and one after midnight.

It got past 10 pm until the kids have finally been taken to bed (not sleeping, yet) anyway and after getting me and the bike ready, it was proper time to start (22:51) the expedition under the condition that midnight should occur somewhere between the two hashes.

The field of the first hashpoint was reached after 10 km. It wasn't clear to me whether there were useful plants at that field, so I stepped in carefully as a young deer and reached the point after 80 m. Not much to see than darkness and the village of Graitschen.

Then I went on ...


Strava activity


Coordinates reached.