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Tue 17 Jul 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida:
30.2778221, -81.5726672

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The Plan[edit]

Just off Synhoff Drive. I'm familiar with the area, as I used to work two miles away, and my preferred work lunch spot is a mile away. Sounds like I have an excuse to hit Crazy Sushi and hit the geohash at the same time!

The Geohashers[edit]

The Adventure[edit]

What is it about my hashes and trying to dart in before the weather turns awful? Oh right, I live in Florida.

As soon as I popped out for lunch, the dark clouds were forming. The drive over was only eventful as I passed my old route up Touchton and noticed the transplanted trees in the center of the rotaries. Reflective posts, signs, flimsy walls didn't stop late night drivers from plowing over the center; by the time I got there, clearly the trees were working!

I have to say, this hash was making me paranoid. As I got to Touchton and right up until I reached Synhoff, I was being followed. Okay, coincidence. As I drove down Synhoff and eventually missed my turn, I was followed again, only to have them stop shortly after I did a U-turn. Once I parked next to the geohashes, there were neighbors outside, and while they were doing their own thing, they kept glancing over at the strange guy staring at his phone while next to the neighbor's fence. No questions asked, but it was clear I was making them uncomfortable. I got within the cone of uncertainty and got the best screenshot I could get, as well as a few brief pictures before leaving.

And not a moment too soon - I didn't get more than a block away before the downpour started. I made my way back to Touchton for lunch, grabbing a good steak hibachi and catching up with a server I've known there for the last several years. Since I didn't want to make the neighbors concerned by leaving something at the hashpoint, I elected to leave the Seven of Spades at Crazy Sushi.