2018-07-16 -35 149

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Mon 16 Jul 2018 in -35,149:
-35.4147721, 149.1434305

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In Gilmore Paddocks, a park next a freeway near the souther-eastern border of the ACT with NSW.



Not much to this one - I'd finished my contract role on the Canberra tram project, so had some free time during the week, and took on this fairly easy geohash.

Heading off on the bike, I made a beeline for the hash, navigating a few bike paths and freeways to get there, until I crossed the road, negotiated some dumped rubbish, climbed a small, barbed wire fence, and reached the hash.

I didn't take any wet weather gear this time, and watched from the hashy hillside the rainy clouds roll past on their way to Queanbeyan. I took off towards them.

I went round the back to Queanbeyan where I sat in a river-side cafe to have my iced-coffee and white chocolate cheesecake before heading home to O'Connor.

Here is the route I took.



Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 58kms to and from the (-35, 149) geohash on 2018-07-16.
2018-07-16 -35 149 Felix Dance 1531710006231.jpg