2018-05-19 48 11

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Sat 19 May 2018 in 48,11:
48.0687664, 11.8761435

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Next to a tiny road between Ilching and Kirchseeon, south-east of Munich





When I looked at todays coordinates yesterday I figured that they wouldn't be too far away. Next I had a look at geocaches close by and immediately found more than 20 boxes in the vicinity. So it was settled, that I had t go there this morning. Leaving the house as early as 6:30 I arrived at the coordinates just before 7a.m. From the map I thought I would need to walk or cycle a bit, but approaching the coordinates I realised that this tiny road was actually open for traffic. So I tried to park the car on the roadside which was quite muddy due to the rain earlier this week and just hoped I would not get stucked. Getting to the coordinates from the car was easy, as I parked about 10 m off the final spot. There I took the pictures and then realised that the first geocache of today was only 250m away. After finding a total of 4 geocaches I returned home.