2018-05-03 50 11

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Thu 3 May 2018 in 50,11:
50.8571062, 11.6696734

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In the forest between Großbockedra and Rausdorf, Thuringia.


  • Juja, Davey, a big and a very small Ninja


Cycled there after work, accompanied by two Ninja Geohashers, one of them very small and a bit moody, but he seemed to like Geohashing very much and was happy in the forest, just the interesting routes I picked for the way home bored him so much he fell asleep.


Cows in the forest.  
The way to the Geohash (1)  
The way to the Geohash (2)  
Hashpoint reached!  
View from the Geohash (up).  
Davey sitting at the point.  
The interesting way home.