2018-04-18 35 -81

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Wed 18 Apr 2018 in 35,-81:
35.1662278, -81.3692169

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Today's hash was located in Crowders Mountain State Park, at the Boulders Access Area.




I drove to the trailhead and continued the rest of the way on foot. This area is quite hilly and I had no way of knowing if the trails would get me close to the hash location, but I decided to try anyway. I walked about a mile to a spot on the trail that was about 20 meters from the hash point, so it turned out to be very easy to get to. I ventured off the trail and ambled around in circles a bit before I grabbed my screenshot proof. The trail continued into South Carolina but I decided I wanted to get home. Maybe another day! It was a lovely day and I never saw another soul until I was back in the parking lot getting in my car.