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Tue 3 Apr 2018 in 50,7:
50.4143468, 7.8831227

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On a field near Heilberscheid in the Westerwald.




Todays hashpoint is 26,5 KM from my sisters home. As the crow flies. To far, to get there only by foot, especially since I have to walk to a hotel afterwards. I was looking for a bus. There were some from Koblenz via Bendof or Sayn, but none of them convinced me. But then I looked for the nearest station to the hash and found it in the Lahn valley, and I had a quite good connection from Neuwied to Obernhof. komoot said, it would take 22 KM from Obernhof via the hashpoint to the nearest hotel. Considered the fact that I had to walk more than 6 KM to the station in Neuwied, that is almost 30 KM. A perfect tour for me:-)


I started at twenty past eight and had to hurry a little bit as my train should leave at 9:40. But I knew the path very good as I grew up in this house and lived there for more than 18 years. So I reched the station at half past nine, and had even enough time time to buy me a ticket. with a short stop in Koblenz I reched Obernhof at 10:47.

Now I just had to start walking. I crossed the river and immediatly climbed out of the valley on the other side. When I looked back I had a great view to the romanic monastery Arnstein on the top of a hill on the other side. My way followed a slim ridge between the Lahn river on the right and the Glanbach on my left. But after a while I left the Lahn and the path followed the Glanbach for the next 10 KM on the heigth. Then I had to come down to the rivulet. I found a hut with some benches and decided to have a break and a picnic. I could stay in the valley for the next 3 KM, then I had to climb up again to get to the hash. I was quite tired already and so I was very happy to find a big bench on the top, just 1 KM away from the hash for another short break. Then I came clos to the hashfield. For some reasons I expected the hash to be in the forest, and so I almost missed it and even had to walk back for some 20m. The hash itself was pretty easy to reach, 25 m into the field.

There were stil more than 4 KM left to the hotel, and soon I reached a closed path (lumberjacks!). So I had to walk a detour. But at least I reached the Glanbach again, at the place of a former village, that was left in the 19th century. After a while I left the Glanbach and followed the Eisenbach now. Here I found a big brigde, and then I heard a rumor in the mountain and some seconds later an ICE crossed the bridge with more than 250 km/h. Nevertheless I got a photo of it :-)

Soon after that I saw the hotel shining through the trees. First I got a big beer, than a hot shower and at last a very fine meal.


6 KM to Neuwied station, then 45 KM by train (the first 4 KM are missing) and then 23 KM walking again.


More picture will follow


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by reaching the (50, 7) geohash on 2018-04-03.
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