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Sun 11 Mar 2018 in 50,11:
50.9709572, 11.9972587

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On a probably muddy field near Tauchlitz, Thuringia.


  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse, U. and A.


Today we expected spring to come - actually it was a day early, but still Sunday was perfect for a cycling tour and I even had something like a date with U. and A. - at least they didn't actually say no when I asked them whether they'd come with me. Today's Geohash point was lucky, near Crossen an der Elster, which makes a nice tour, and amazingly we really met and started off together, although my friends didn't like the idea of cycling to random points on dirty fields much.

Anyway, we reached Crossen without any Geohashing nonsense. But of course Geohashing nonsense is mandatory, so I directed A. on a small road that was closed but, according to my GPS, led directly to the point and from there on to our way back home. Soon there was a big fence and a small path that seemed to sneak around it, of course nothing paved, but some cyclists came up to us and told us it's neither bad nor far to the next road. I said "Welcome to roadbiking with Juja" and, without hesitation, steered into the dirt path, but when I reached the roads of Tauchlitz (really not even 600m further) I saw no more cyclists behind me. U. appeared out of the wood after a while, but A. seemed to be lost - she needed quite a while to appear, maybe she had to fight a dragon on the way, anyway I guess she'll never accompany me again when I say something about Geohashing at the beginning of our tour.

I reached the point on the dirty field alone while the two others were having a picnic nearby, then after some searching we even found our way out of the tiny village and could ride home where Jens had prepared cake for the hungry Geohashers (which pretty much counts as a reached Geohash also for him, if you ask me).


A. riding through sunny weather.  
U. in the woods, resolving to never meet me again.  
The Geohash field.  
Point reached!  
Benjy and Frankie at the point.  
Almost back home, so let's ride with a smile.