2017-12-29 47 -122

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Fri 29 Dec 2017 in Seattle:
47.8216998, -122.1377186

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Just off Highway 9 near Woodinville, an accessible road near a retention pond.



Plans? Watch The Big Lebowski then take a drive, man.


So El Duderino was just as spectacular on BluRay as in the theater so long ago. Especially loved Bridges description of the dream sequence where he was flying through the legs of the bowling girls. The prop department had fitted them out with shaggy wigs...

But enough about Merkins, let's talk Americans. Yes, we wander out of our houses in the dark of night to visit geohashpoints, especially when this visit brings Seattle to 3 for the month.

A quick round trip to this spot, near the Maltby cafe and a few other geohashpoints I have visited, used less than a gallon of gas. The road to the path was paved, and there was the distinctive sound of running water nearby. I declined to poke into bushes in the dark without a flashlight. But I was less than 2m away in the middle of the road and in front of my headlights. Practically a drive-in geohash!