2017-12-23 47 -122

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Sat 23 Dec 2017 in Seattle:
47.6323860, -122.3064161

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One block from Interlaken Park and two blocks from the Capitol Hill Wishing Tree on E. Galer.



Meet at 4:00, then make our way to Chucks for a pint.


  • Going to follow Interlake Boulevard from the North End down towards the geohash. Should be a nice drive. -- Thomcat (talk) 15:34, 23 December 2017 (PST)

So Interlake Boulevard is pretty cool, and this was my first time on it. To the left a steep slope down to the neighborhood along Lake Washington, to the right a slope up to the top of the hill. This boulevard stays on the level, gently climbing (as I went) to the level at the Capitol Hill end. Lots of joggers, didn't see any cyclists today. Very old school. Curiously, Wikipedia says that the road is closed.

Halfway along was Louisa Boren's memorial. Nothing on the interwebs about that either. I'll have to do some research and update those entries.

On to the geohash. Parked the car half a block away and walked past without waving to many people peering out the window. Turns out they were waiting for someone to arrive (they did so later) and I wasn't that someone - not Santa either. Easier to just walk to the point on the sidewalk and log it for today. The picture facing west leads to Volunteer Park and Lake View Cemetery, home of Bruce and Brandon Lee.

A few blocks to the east was the Wishing Tree. I scanned a few wishes, but saw more for iphones than for world peace. Indicative of our culture (or lack thereof) I suppose.

I thought I would cruise up hill to the cemetery, but arrived at 4:15 as they were closing the gates. Alas, a quick visit with the Lee's would have to wait for another geohash. So I saddled up and drove south to Chuck's in the Central District - further than I thought from the geohash.




Thomcat earned the Last man standing achievement
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