2017-11-10 47 -122

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Fri 10 Nov 2017 in Seattle:
47.6995713, -122.3203841

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The intersection of 8th NE and NE 97th in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.



Stop by at lunchtime, and possibly again if anyone else wants to join. There is a 7-11 five blocks away, at NE 92nd and Roosevelt.

  • Might try to stop by too, but it's a bit of a trek from downtown. Fixed 92nd vs 97th above; Northgate Mall is also about five blocks away. Coyotebush (talk) 16:30, 10 November 2017 (UTC)
If only that light rail station they are building at Northgate were done, it would be a short walk. Uphill, but a short walk. --Thomcat (talk) 19:11, 10 November 2017 (UTC)


Hashpoint easily reached, though I skipped the 7-11. Glad to meet this afternoon/evening if anyone is interested.

The western edge of the road is under a massive set of power wires leading down a major substation at about 75th NE. Maybe that's why the hashpoint was jumping around a bit.

Not using my standard vehicle (and no sidewalk chalk) so I grabbed a handy hunk of rock and scratched an X in the road surface.

Content with a successful visit, I headed down the hill to Spud and lunch.