2017-10-07 52 -1

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Pbro (talk) discovered Stoke Green while looking for this hash.

2017-10-07 52 -1 Lamppost.jpg

Sat 7 Oct 2017 in Birmingham:
52.4039146, -1.4815994

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The hash is located on the eastern edge of Stoke Green, a small park in Coventry, UK. The hash is opposite 58 Stoke Green, Coventry CV3 1AN, at a side entrance to the Green.


Pbro (talk) went for a run, around 9k through south-eastern Coventry to get to this hash.


For Pbro (talk), another accessible Coventry hash in reasonable distance, reasonable autumn weather and a spare hour or so at 10 in the morning (and a urgent need to do some running).


After almost three weeks without running, I (Pbro (talk)) needed to get out, so put on running gear, dropped off elder son at football and set out through parks, residential and commercial areas to the south-east of Coventry city centre. The run reached its destination near the junction of Stoke Green and Hollis Road. The hashpoint was located at a retro-design lamp post at a side entrance to Stoke Green. Stoke Green itself proved to be a green oasis in a mixed residential/commercial neighbourhood, with plenty of chestnut trees. The park is bordered by the busy Binley Road on the north and the eponymous road on the other sides. After a small run through the park, the return trip along a similar route brought me back home.

Sidenote: I almost attempted a hash collision, by geocaching this cache, but my phone had geocaching connection issues...


Garmin track log -- with a small operator error on the return trip. In total, the run was probably around 9k.