2017-09-25 63 28

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Mon 25 Sep 2017 in 63,28:
63.8105436, 28.8642875

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Valtimo, the point lies at the edge of the swampy area of Murtojärvi.



Warm up before heading to the point.

In honor of the beautiful autumn Pastori and Wife wanted to reach a nice hashpoint in their own graticule. Today the point was only 12 km away as the bird flies but a cold and damp fog had spread out everywhere when they woke up. So, Pastori decided to warm up a little first by chopping some wood and he even managed to get the plough up on top of the pile of wood. The fog wouldn't let up so they had to get moving despite it.

On their way to the point the fog did disappear and they even saw some sun. After driving for 22.2 km the point was only 30 m away off the road. Pastori checked the direction and headed straight into the birch wood rustling leaves under his feet as he went. Pastori did a little dance around the hashpoint which was going smoothly until it wasn't and he fell flat in the hay. Was too much warm up or being too tired or perhaps a twig underfoot to blame, we may never know. They did manage an accuracy of 0.878m and so they drove back the same 22.2 km and headed for the sauna!

Pastori and Wife enjoy excursions to the forest especially in the autumn and there's always some gathering to do. This time they managed to gather enough mushrooms for a good meal and lingon berries for a porridge. Guaranteed to the fresh and local!

Perhaps there was too much warm up?
A view of a lake on the way.



Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on 2017-09-25.
2017-09-25 63 28DSC 0059 1500px.jpg