2017-09-16 39 -105

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Sat 16 Sep 2017 in 39,-105:
39.8889697, -105.1586446

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Saturday Meet-up within the Colorado Hills Open Space - a large open area that is essentially a huge dog park. Almost no trees and only knee-high brush at most. Very easy run.



The hike in was very easy, following the Westminster Hills Trail. I stopped for two quick geocaches (Mondo's Small World & yucca poo!)along the way. I mis-interpreted my directions of "Turn at the intersecting power lines" when I should had written "Turn at the second set of intersecting power lines". I bush-wacked part of the way before coming to a small trail. The rest of the way was easy, punctuated by friendly dogs every few minutes (the park is no leash, so the dogs and owners love it).

Arrived with a few minutes to spare and enjoyed the view of the Front Range. Also found trash (deflated mylar balloon) which I packed out.

Took photos at the Meet-up time and hustled back since something I ate this morning really wanted to get out... just made the port-potty in time (no good places to hide and drop).

My first Saturday meet-up - WOOT!!!!



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