2017-09-09 43 -79

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Sat 9 Sep 2017 in 43,-79:
43.7673287, -79.4481947

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In a forested area near the West branch of the Don River in North York.



This looked like it was walking distance from where I'm staying temporarily.


Google suggested approaching the hashpoint from the north, crossing the river at a bridge. It took me about twenty minutes to walk to the general vicinity of the bridge, and then another twenty to actually find it, because there were FAR more trails than Google knew about, and none of them were marked. Finally, I reached the bridge, but it was blocked with a fence and a notice prohibiting entry.

Some less intrepid geohashers may have given up here, but not me! I noticed that on the other side of the river there was another trail into the forested area. I walked around via Wilmington Avenue and entered from this other trail. The hashpoint was accessible from this side! I only had to bushwhack a bit, crawling about a meter to get within GPS margin-of-error. As I occasionally do, I forgot to take a goofy grin picture. To be fair, I was already about two hours into what I thought would be an hour walk, and a bit exhausted.

It turns out that the hashpoint was near a Toronto School District outdoor learning area, which explained the bridge closure. Luckily, no one was there -- I wouldn't want to disturb any events going on.

A nice first Toronto, Ontario geohash!