2017-08-26 -33 115

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Sat 26 Aug 2017 in -33,115:
-33.4093047, 115.8031270

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In a paddock next to a state park near Bunbury, WA, south of Perth



It's been a while, and I've been travelling a lot, specifically with my girlfriend, Ruth, specifically in the NT and WA, so not many of these recently, but, hey, here's one, accessible, through a state park, on our hired-car drive back up to Perth from a couple of weeks in the south west.

I drove, Ruth directed - not a brilliant arrangement, but we arrived along the road without too much frunctiousness, and still with a couple of litres left in the tank. We alighted our vehicle and continued on foot, through a gate, along a 4wd track and to within 40m of the hash.

A weak-spirited electric fence put up a feeble defence to our progress, but the hash would not be denied. The beautiful, unseasonable winter sunshine proved perfect for our selfie against the rolling pastures. We descended back to our car and continued.

Ruth's first geohash and my first for Western Australia.



Drag along award.